Swag Home


Welcome to SWAG, Moncton's premier home furnishing and accessories boutique, that wont break the bank.

We specialize in offering one of a kind items in our 7700 sq ft showroom, at prices that you wont believe. You will NEVER see the same thing twice! So, if you see something you like, you better grab it before it's gone.

We all want to achieve a certain "feeling" in our space, but sometimes the challenge is putting it all together. We know all too well how difficult it is to achieve the look without breaking the bank. Our strength is combining styles in harmony and balance, using what you would not expect to complete the impossible. 

Did we mention that you will NOT believe our prices?

You can find us at 691 St. George Blvd, by calling 506-777-7024 or you can also find us on insta @swag_moncton.